The term courage is a compound word (cor habeo) that literally means “I have a heart”. Courage is the human virtue that’s also known as fortitude or strength; those who have such virtue are not scared of dangers, are capable of being calm in the face of risks, do not let themselves down in front of physical or moral pains and, more generally, openly (and often recklessly) face sufferings, uncertainties, and threats.

In the self-empowerment approach courage is a key ingredient to work with in order to achieve one’s development goals and open up to new possibilities.

In this view, courage has to do with the following dimensions:

  • The courage to face one’s limitations, especially the mental ones, and to get rid of those consolidated habits that are often overwhelming and make it hard, if not impossible, to view oneself differently.
  • The courage to open up and let go of one’s difficulties and struggles, the courage of getting in contact with one’s feelings without being afraid of looking weak or irresolute.
  • The courage to challenge oneself (and therefore the strength and resolution to act) and to try out new, once unthinkable behaviors that may lead to new goals or uncover otherwise inaccessible resources.

The courage stems from an inner strength that we all have (but that can also be ‘stimulated’); it is connected both to the need to face a difficulty as well as to the desire and the will of evolving and being more satisfied.

A father, a mother, a boss or a trainer that devote themselves to foster someone else’s growth may find energy and strength in such a precious quality.

Here’s a little reflection for you:

  1. Try to think of your greatest fear in this moment (it might be that of letting someone down, of making a mistake, of being judged, of losing your face, of exposing yourself, of hurting someone…)
  2. Now make a list of all the important things you would have done or achieved hadn’t you had this fear;
  3. Choose at least one relevant thing from your list and share it with someone;
  4. If you feel like, try finding a – reversible – way to take a first step towards the goal you care about, Perhaps you can ask the person you talked to for help.

If you wish, leave your feedback in the comments section.

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