Why did we create a self-empowerment alphabet?

We wanted to retrace the learning method we all used at elementary school: we started from the sound and shape of letters to get to words. This is a first, and yet key, step towards a project that will develop over time, fueled by new knowledge and experiences.

26 letters, 26 words e 26 paths into self-empowerment.

The last published words:



Autenticità | Empowerment Alphabet


Authentic is a compound word, made up of autòs (oneself) and entòs (in, inside), it refers to our true inner self, beyond what we want to show and what we believe we are.

How come being authentic and being honest are often overlapped as if they were the same? We think they are two distinct concepts…

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Empowerment Alphabet Benessere


Balance is an inner state that involves all the aspects of a human being. The concept of balance is deeply interconnected with that of well-being: if we are experiencing a state of inner and outer balance, we are likely to also feel and be well.

All of us desire to feel good and in balance and all of us experienced what it means to feel good or bad, to be in and out of balance…but what does it actually mean to feel “in balance”?

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Coraggio | Empowerment Alphabet


Courage (from Latin cor habeo) is the human virtue that’s also known as fortitude or strength; those who have such virtue are not scared of dangers, are capable of being calm in the face of risks, do not let themselves down in front of physical or moral pains and, more generally, openly (and often recklessly) face sufferings, uncertainties, and threats.

Acts of courage are such when, before amazing others, they amaze ourselves. Overcoming one’s limitations depends on many factors but facing them only depends on our courage.

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Empowerment Alphabet Desiderare


From Latin desiderare, molded on the verb to consider; “to miss”
1. Feel the desire of something; long for what can satisfy our need or pleasure
2. Being in need of something, missing something

According to the self-empowerment approach, it is key to distinguish between needing and desiring. These concepts are often overlapped and not easily distinguishable.

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Empowerment Alphabet Emotività


Emotional intelligence is the ability of being in contact with one’s emotion without censoring them.

According to self-empowerment, drawing upon our emotions makes us more authentic, present, effective, and efficient in our relations and communications.

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Empowerment Alphabet Feedback


In psychology the term feedback refers to giving someone input about him/herself based on an observation process.

Within the self-empowerment approach, feedback is used as a developmental tool fostering individual growth.

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Generatività | Empowerment Alphabet


To generate, from Latin genus -ĕris ‘birth, lineage’, it means to produce or give birth to something.

In the maze of potential motivators, one of the most powerful leverages is being able to “give birth” to something new. There’s only one problem: no one can do it alone!

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Torreluna Empowerment Alphabet Hopefulness


“Used to refer to someone who cherishes a trustful hope, trustful, optimist”.
It refers to the feeling or tendency to hope that, among the things that will happen in the future − most of which are unpredictable and out of one’s control −, there might be some positive events.

Talking of hope in the organizational setting is the best way for being accused of naivety or guilelessness: and yet, hoping is a fundamental ability…

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Torreluna Empowerment Alphabet Incisività


The act of representing or expressing an object, idea or concept with energy and effectiveness or the ability to leave a deep mark on listeners.

Growing up means constantly improving one’s communication skills but, yet, incisivity is not for everyone, rather an effective, incisive language is a prerogative of those we are in a personal development process.

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Joy | Empowerment Alphabet


Joy is a word we should all be using more and better. From the Latin term “joca”, plural of jocum-jocus= play, it refers to anything that elicits pleasure or satisfaction.

Working with companies, we meet many people that ingenuously admit they don’t devote any time to celebrating their achievements and giving positive feedback… actually, this doesn’t sound as such an innocent sin to us!

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Killer | Empowerment Alphabet


Killer: person, animal, or thing that has killed, kills or is potentially able to kill.

“Forgive your enemies but don’t forget their names”, said John Fitzgerald Kennedy. What if your enemies were within you?

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Torreluna Empowerment Alphabet Locus of control


Among the various attitudes and inclinations that characterize each person, causal attribution – also known as locus of control – represents an important one as it may facilitate or hinder one’s predisposition towards self-empowerment.

Nothing depends on you alone; however, at the same time, everything depends on you, to some extend. Why, if understanding this concept is so easy we have such an hard time embracing it?

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Torreluna Empowerment Alphabet Mindfulness


The term mindfulness originates from the Buddhist concept of “sati”, which is used to refer to a state of awareness, that is to the act of paying attention “on purpose, in the present moment, and nonjudgmentally”.

According to Jon Kabat-Zinn meditation is not an instrument to go anywhere, it is rather a way to understand where one is starting from…and we agree with him!

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Torreluna Empowerment Alphabet Nudità


We chose such an evocative and provocative word because it allows us to make two considerations that are key to the self-empowerment process.

Literature on psycho-management is loaded with techniques on how to “show interest”, “look authoritative”, “tune in”, “show incisiveness”… what if all these efforts were useless?

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Torreluna Empowerment Alphabet Ownership


Ownership: objective responsibility within a project.
Protagonism: to occupy a central and crucial position in a phenomenon or action.

Personal responsibility is not just about roles and competences, rather it is a matter of individual perception. It originates from the feeling that you are the maker behind the choices determining your situation, irrespectively of it being positive or negative.

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Possibilità | Empowerment Alphabet


(Lat. Possibilĭtas, possibĭlis: possibile, posse: potere) it’s the ability, faculty, and power of doing something or of making something happen.

The debate between possibility and probability is one of the key topics in philosophy. The self-empowerment approach is based on the hypothesis that variety favors freedom to decide while endorsing developmental opportunities.

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Torreluna Empowerment Alphabet Questioning


Self-empowerment promotes curiosity, openness, and exploration and therefore questions, especially the powerful ones, are at the very core of the approach. Moreover, it takes into account the person as a whole, aiming to foster his/her overall potential.

Speaking up, leaving a trace, giving a feedback, being incisive. We are living in the era of narcissism but what if effectiveness and well being streamed from empathy rather than self-affirmation?

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Torreluna Empowerment Alphabet Risorse


The word “resources” can have multiple meanings and, in the world of work, it is often used to refer to the set of tools and means available to a company or team. It therefore includes economic resources, raw materials and products, as well as human resources.

The issue is not whether or not we have resources. Everyone has some kind of qualities, some have a lot, others very little.
The issue is: are you making good use of your own qualities?

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Torreluna Empowerment Alphabet Salto di qualita


The self-empowerment process, that is, the process of opening new possibilities, might be applied to any kind of exploration, ranging from more concrete aspects – such as being open to the possibility of finding a different job, having a baby or launching into a career – to more psychological aspects – such as being open to the possibility of being courageous, resolute, empathetic or patient.

Some try to build a career, others try to step up in class: who is going further, and, most of all, who’s enjoying the trip most?

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Team | Empowerment Alphabet


There are countless definitions of team and group. Many of them stress the fact that a group is not necessarily a team: a team has specific characteristics that make it more than a simple gather of people.

We all know how a team should be made, but do we really know how to work in a team?

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Torreluna Empowerment Alphabet Unicità


Most of the hardships and distress we experience are associated with not fully embracing our uniqueness. Many frustrations come from constantly comparing oneself to others and perceiving the difference as a deficiency; in this respect, many developmental approaches give “prescriptions” to abide by.

Does evolving mean tending towards an ideal? Does it imply to give up one’s essence and to long for an image of perfection? Or, again, does it mean polishing one’s roughness to the point of becoming all alike?

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Torreluna Empowerment Alphabet Vision


In general, the term vision indicates the projection of a future scenario, one that mirrors individual and/or organizational values, ideals and aspirations.

Vision, mission, values: these concepts are often given no credit within organizations. However, perhaps, we should at least learn to believe in our own vision.

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Torreluna Empowerment Alphabet Work life balance


This concept has been very debated and, for many years, it has been somehow considered “fashionable”. It refers to the daily attempt we all need to make to find a healthy balance between the different spheres of life, particularly those of work and private life. In some ways, this concept is common sense and we all agree on it.

Is it truly possible to find a balance between these two, completely different, worlds? Maybe we should try and change our perspective: let’s put people – rather the contexts they live in – at the center of our thoughts.

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Torreluna Empowerment Alphabet X-factor


Nowadays there’s a lot of talking about the “X-Factor”, a term that, with a certain degree of approximation, we use as a synonym of “talent”. In substance, it refers to one’s natural inclination for being good at something.

You may think to have a lot or no talent but the real question is: “Are you making the most of your qualities? Here are some useful suggestions…

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Torreluna Empowerment Alphabet You


Such an apparently simple word captures the essence of what self-empowerment is to us: a basic attitude that says “yes” to life, to oneself, and to others.

Conflicts, achievements, uncertainties, challenges, fears, misunderstandings, surprises, discoveries, habits…and if we could just say “yes” to all of this?

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Torreluna Empowerment Alphabet Zona di comfort


It’s the mental condition in which people act with apparent calmness, without being anxious or taking risks, as they are reassured by the presence of a well-known, customary, or habitual context.

“The core of mans’ spirit comes from new experiences” (C. McCandless), however, getting out of one’s comfort zone ain’t that easy…

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