(lat. Possibilĭtas, possibĭlis: possibile, posse: potere) it’s the ability, faculty, and power of doing something or of making something happen.

That which is possible is what it might be; the possibility also lays in the way, the modality, through which one succeeds in doing something, therefore the possibility is both the ability as well as the available means.

The matter of that which is possible and that of being are among the main topics in philosophy. The self-empowerment approach is based on the hypothesis that multiple possibilities promote freedom of choice while fostering opportunities for development.
Hence, our proposal is to work towards the opening of new possibilities: developing many different possibilities allows for greater alternatives and therefore fosters feelings of protagonism, agency and the taking on of responsibilities.
Opening a possibility is the third way between being stable, and thus – perhaps – still, over time and being in change and maybe running some risks: in the end it is a way to open oneself to change without losing the current stability.

In order to work towards the opening of new possibilities the self empowerment approach suggests a few ingredients along with some methodological steps:

  • get in contact with (or reactivate) the Desiring Self, which is both an empowering engine and a lighthouse guiding our actions;
  • being capable of creating possible scenarios (having a positive vision of that possibility once achieved);
  • being able to draw on all the available resources (both internal and external);
  • succeed in bypassing some of our hindering or limiting (killer) mechanisms we inevitably “stumble on” from time to time.

The opening of a new possibility is often made feasible through an experiment-oriented approach, an approach that contemplates trying and exploring rather than discerning and choosing.

Here’s a little reflection for you: how many new possibilities do you feel you have opened for yourself in the past year? Try to list the explorations you made, recall all the times you took a step out of your usual comfort zone. Now look at your list… is it long enough? Are you happy with it? Would you have liked to dare more?
Leave us a comment about how it went for you. And if you wish your list to be longer, follow us to find cues, instruments as well as some provocations.

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