In general, the term vision indicates the projection of a future scenario, one that mirrors individual and/or organizational values, ideals, and aspirations.

Vision has a key role within the self-empowerment approach because each developmental step is planned and subsequently consciously taken, based on the possibility to gain a positive self-image once the wish is fulfilled.
Often, especially when it comes to situations or things that are very distant from us, we make wishes we don’t really mean!

Working on one’s vision implies truly questioning the idea and/or representation one has about his/her own wishes; let’s, for example, say that one states: “I would like to be more straightforward and bold in certain circumstances” while at the same time not holding a positive opinion of people who are actually straightforward and bold and considering them aggressive or excessively rude. Needless to say, such negative opinion will strongly influence his/her vision.
Being aware of this and starting to wonder: “Does being straightforward and bold really mean being aggressive and rude? Isn’t there anyone in the world who is capable of being straightforward and bold while at the same time showing empathy and respect towards others?” are key passages towards the development of a consistent personal vision.

A vision is the fulfillment of one’s self-image, a “movie” about ourselves in which we are straightforward and bold but in a positive way (referring to the example we made before). A movie in which not only we are the protagonists but we also like ourselves, being capable of integrating such characteristics without betraying our nature. A movie that evokes positive and pleasant emotions.

Several studies highlight the role our beliefs and prophecies have in affecting future scenarios, our relationships and, as a consequence, our possibilities. Let’s, for example, think of the difference it would make for a young person to think of adulthood as a good or bad stage of life, or to believe that travelling abroad will lead him/her to make stimulating or dangerous encounters, or to consider studying as important or unnecessary, or to view a romantic relationship as either a positive happening or a limitation or, again, to think of raising a child as a fascinating or, else, unbearable endeavor…
Becoming aware of the beliefs and the visions we hold and learning not to surrender to such images but, rather, to actively develop and re-elaborate them is a key competence to grow and be open to new possibilities and future positive scenarios. Obviously, a positive vision is not sufficient, it rather represent one of the many steps to be taken.

Here’s a little experiment that shows the importance of being able to develop a vision, a clear and positive goal in your mind. Stand on your feet and rotate your chest in a direction of your choice (left or right) without lifting your feet from the ground. Hold an arm in front of you and use it as a reference point in order to see to what extend you can get with your rotation (for example, once your chest is fully rotated, your arm points toward a tree or a door). Now get back to your initial position and close your eyes. Without moving, think of you doing the same chest rotation as before but imagine you are extremely flexible, very, very flexible. Imagine your body is made of rubber and is capable or rotating without encountering any resistance. As soon as you have this image in your mind, open your eyes and try the rotation once again…did you go beyond your point of reference?
This experiment shows how our imagination and our intentions often take us where our actions and will cannot reach. Developing a vision means exactly doing this: having a clear goal in mind, making a wish, aspiring to a certain state of being.
One last thing: I bet none of you was too disappointed for not having managed to rotate your chest as much as you had imagined! Perhaps a possible reason is that every time we dream of something we are also aware that our is, indeed, a dream, a fantasy. We always keep our feet firmly on the ground… sometimes even too much!

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