Such an apparently simple word captures the essence of what self-empowerment is to us: a basic attitude that says “yes” to life, to oneself, and to others.

In theatre, even before technical qualities, an actor’s worth is determined by his/her ability of saying “yes” and embracing whatever comes at him/her without opposing resistance a priori.

The goal of self-empowerment is not that of achieving striking successes or goals but rather that of fulfilling one’s potential and generating new worlds of meaning − both in private life as well as in business − through to the encounter with others.

Several components are involved in this process but, probably, the key factor is the ability to say “yes”, to let ourselves be contaminated and permeated by values, thoughts, and actions even when they are in contradiction with or far from ours. In other words, saying “yes” means integrating, accepting with gratitude rather than judging and, by doing so, exploring new paths.

There are many beautiful exercises based on the value of gratitude. We suggest you take a look at this video and try taking part in the “yes” adventure by contributing, at least once a day, to the following website, to the following website . Se vuoi puoi lasciare una testimonianza anche qui sotto, nei commenti.

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