An IT company’s scientific elite, the Area Managers following a financial or commercial restructuring, the Middle Managers of a company who is decentralizing the decision making authority, a newly formed HR Business Partner group… a group of people, in a given moment within a company’s life cycle, can have the chance and responsibility to make the difference.
When new requests are posit by the company’s board, the market calls for new goals and new organizational models are required; when a new role is needed or an existing role requires crafting; or, again, when recruitment is carried out to identify the most promising candidates…TRIBAL EMPOWERMENT is the right choice.
Taking on such challenges means being able to make a quality leap both at an individual as well as at a collective level.

TRIBAL EMPOWERMENT aims at empowering both, single individuals as well as companies’ staff members as a whole. In particular, this program strengthens staff members’ common identity as well as their ability of acting in a consistent and proactive fashion and facing organizational challenges.
After having carried out an attentive analysis to define the guidelines to orient the group’s change, a development plan is carefully designed. All activities are pragmatic and include the development of procedures and solutions to respond to the company’s needs.

The main goals are:

  • The planning and triggering of an identity change within the company’s staff members as a whole.

  • The development of an alliance between team members in order for each individual to be supported in the expression of their full potential.

  • The empowerment of each individual participant in the direction of improving their self-expression.

  • The design of daring projects, the implementation of virtuous practices and the development of fruitful partnerships with all the other positions within the company.


Self-empowerment, Individual potential, Generative team alliance, Dealing with contradictions, Effective communication.
Individual feedback exchange, Implementation of experimentations, Team visioning activities, Outdoor Training.
Workshops, Individual interviews, Project consultation addressed to real working groups, Accounts of company’s experience.
Two or three days.
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