Project Description


HR personnel perform key duties within a company as they provide the ground for dialogue, exchange and integration between the various actors involved in the organizational setting.
Such a role is becoming more and more challenging as it implies, on the HR staff members side, the capability to be authoritative and able of influencing others.
Thanks to specific instruments and an empowerment-oriented mentality, process coaching is designed to help trainees handle such dynamics and increase the effectiveness and productivity of working teams.

PROCESS COACHING uses different methods: standard training courses, on-the-job training and supervision in order to enhance the effectiveness and impact of HR professionals.
Instruments will be concretely applied to real life situations (meetings, interviews, assessment and feedback sessions).
Each participant will be taught to play the coach’s role by empowering his customers without taking their place, guaranteeing the effectiveness of relational and professional processes, developing a climate of trust and openness in which heightened awareness could be gained and new initiatives be taken.

The main goals are to:

  • Share and concretely experiment process coaching instruments in real life situations
  • Increase one’s relational effectiveness
  • Increase one’s sensitivity and understanding of processes and relational dynamics
  • Learn to effectively influence the evolution and impact of working groups throughout self-disclosure (challenging oneself, focusing on present resources, acquiring a new, trustful and curious way of looking)


Process management, Creation of generative alliances, Effectiveness and feedback, On-site consulting, Building and developing experimentations, Improving processes through empowerment.
Share and experiment new instruments, Real-life consultations, Workshops fostering mutual listening and effective communication, On-the-job training.

Workshops and on-the-job training.

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