People feel the innate urge to express themselves, give their contribution and leave a trace.
However, when it comes to corporate settings, they often find difficult to carve out a role and realize such ambitions, which can only be accomplished through the development of generative relations.
While companies want their employees to be proactive, creative and enterprising, they are often faced with the need to manage and direct their efforts, thus running the risk of controlling or even blocking their initiatives.

POWERSHIP is a training program that leverages generativity; it aims at empowering individuals while helping them develop strong alliances with company representatives.
This programs fosters such qualities like authoritativeness, daring and sense of initiative by helping people develop self-trust, balance and gain a sense of possibility.
Besides helping them being influential and handling contradictions, the program allows trainees to gain openness, understanding and acceptance of both the context and their interlocutors.

The program aims to:

  • Trigger a quality leap, helping each participant enhance his interfunctional collaboration and influencing skills
  • Increase one’s value, authoritativeness and enterprise

  • Gain better awareness of the organizational dynamics and of one’s own power levers

  • Enhance one’s capacity of proactively managing contradictions

  • Draw a concrete plan for the implementation of a productive project


Genuineness and individual empowerment, Developing generative alliances, Relational authority, Listening and understanding of complexity.
Social sharing of real projects to enhance one’s authority within the company, Real-life experimentations, Real-life consultations, Mutual listening and effectiveness workshops.

Workshops and social learning.

Two days

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