energia e desiderio

The level of personal energy is a key variable influencing the individuals’ well-being as well as their professional success.
On the one hand, organizational settings are often dominated by the so called “culture of doing”, in which activities may result in being constrained and scarcely creative. On the other hand, companies may be stuck in a “non-doing culture”, a culture of procrastination and passive waiting.
Each individual brings along an innate share of energy and vitality which can be released, increased and oriented towards the expression of his full potential. This will allow him to become more influential and to achieve more gratifying and satisfying accomplishments.

ENERGY AND DESIRE empowers individuals to express and find motivation to realize their desires. In order to accomplish such a result, people are invited to start from themselves, their actual skills and responsibilities and to embrace and accept reality and facts around them.
Propelling people to act resolutely and proactively, the energy of desire is a powerful motivator and may be used as leading path to enhance one’s ability to focus.

This program’s main goals are:

  • To increase one’s ability to be grounded and well balanced
  • To empower individuals to realize their desires as a source of proactivity, engagement, motivation and creativity

  • To identify hinders and blocks to development and to design adaptive strategies to overcome them

  • To design custom-tailored strategies for the monitoring, maintenance, and development of one’s energy


Drive Vs Desire, Innate energy, The fundamentals of mindfulness, Killer-thoughts.
Self-assessment of one’s energy level, Experiential activities to challenge one’s limitations and foster talents, Real-life consultations, Bodily exercises, Guided imagery.

Two days.

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