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A powerful team is one in which each member is given a chance to be stimulated and to develop oneself. Empowering a team means accomplishing such goal by triggering and supporting authentic communication processes, feedback, provocation and mutual trust.
We developed a set of offers to answer the desires and needs of those managing or being in contact with teams, being them team leaders, human resources managers or staff members. Starting from the team’s life cycle stage, we offer different interventions with custom-tailored methods and instruments.
All our proposals are designed based on your needs, desires and specific characteristics.

The launch: getting a newly formed team started

The birth, or in some cases the rebirth, of a working group is a very delicate and special moment. Helping a working group in this phase means enhancing mutual understanding among its members, overcoming some initial differences and favoring the development of a clear and effective working alliance right from the start.
Procrastination, stance-taking and fears might hinder this process.
By “launching” a team we mean helping it “proceed to sea” right from the beginning; members will be allowed to draw fresh energy and vitality from new ideas while mutual understanding and complicity bonds will be fostered. More specifically, this program will allow each participant express their full potential while, at the same time, foster group integration.
The training method is based on the development of direct and effective communication processes, on the combination of a target-oriented and task-oriented view as well as on the experiencing of an effective cooperation among members.

“Getting out of the shallows”: Giving “old” teams a jolt

Groups may end up in the shallows and get stuck for quite some time. This may happen when groups have formed since a long time or because of a lack of motivation, faulty or inadequate management and organizational dynamics. As a result, determination, innovation, ownership and engagement are at stake.
Often, when groups get stuck in the shallows, long-time wounds may fuel mistrust and lead to passivity, when not rancor. The taking on of responsibilities is avoided and members focus more on petty revenges and quarrels rather than on their final goals and the interest of their clients.
Getting of of the shallows ain’t easy, it requires teamwork, something that cannot solely be demanded to the company or the manager. We will provide you with context and passion, each of you will be asked to give his contribution.
The training method is based on reactivating vitality and energy in each group member. More specifically, participants will be invited to elaborate on challenge their limiting certainties and to strengthen their perceived self-efficacy.

Facing the storm: improving and empowering teams in a crisi

Life is a succession of storms. People and groups are equipped to overcome them using different strategies.
Sometimes, however, storms are generated from the inside: conflicts, poor stress management skills, dysfunctional relational dynamics… all may lead groups function less effectively, sink, or even fall pray to a mutiny. As a result, the levels of well-being (often ruthlessly measured by means of internal surveys) dramatically decrease.
However, he who sails knows that storms may also be a chance: a chance to challenge themselves, to express their own talents, and to strengthen the group, provided that they know how to do it.
Getting through the storm may be a need for some and a challenge for others. We see it as an opportunity to empower and increase the well-being of the people we meet.
The training method is based on stress management and mindfulness techniques, on the analysis and gaining of awareness of the relational processes and interactions, on the development of empathy and mutual listening.

Crews: when teams are born of a merger or acquire members from other teams

Merging two groups together (i.e. after a company merger or acquisition) is a very delicate process as it often touches people’s “guts”. This may result in people talking about “former member of companyA” and “former member of companyB” even in several years’ time.
Integration is a result of common procedures and working methods, shared goals, unifying experiences and contexts but, above all, it is based on the subjective capacity of making a new investment in terms of openness and trust.
Managing a merging process may make the difference between a group that’s capable of taking advantage of and promoting differences and talents and one that runs at the speed of its slowest member or in which members are too close to be as successful as they deserve.
Using team building activities, we can help you speed up the integration process while make it more intriguing for all team members.
Training methods are based on the transactional analysis approach and aimed at increasing group synergies. The shared planning and testing of procedures and goals, the development of a greater mutual trust and responsibilities will also be fostered throughout our program.

The regatta of life: when teams are faced with new, challenging goals

Organizational expectations are extremely high and may lead teams to be faced with extremely challenging regatta’s courses.
When teams are in the spotlight (i.e. when they are assigned a strategic project or when they are faced with challenging goals), each member, procedure and process should aim for excellence.
As when leaving for a long journey or running the Regatta of Life, your equipment needs to be meticulously prepared and you cannot take anything for granted. This means checking every detail with care and passion.
Nerves get tense, stress management and training become essential as it is essential not to surrender to defeatism or (at the opposite with the same negative effects) to performance anxiety, over-training or an excessive toughness towards one’s team members.
We would like to lead you through this process, support and motivate you to improve. We would also like to assist you in the first steps of your journey, help you manage crisis situations and find new hopes and alternatives together. We would like to cheer you from the jetty as we will watch you set sail towards your goal.
The training methods are based on the empowerment of each team member, on the development of an excellence-oriented working alliance, and on the constant care and maintenance of well-being and positive relations.

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