Project Description

Coaching generally entails the training of specific behaviors aimed at concrete goals. The self-empowerment approach complements and enhances coaching by conceiving it as a personal and professional support aimed at the accomplishment of a qualitative leap.

Therefore, the main focus is the development and strengthening of those meta-skills that are key to professional success: stress management, being authentic in order to cover leadership roles, having relational impact, management skills and courage.

The empowerment oriented coaching is a structured instrument combining together the specific support in process consulting aimed at enhancing concrete effectiveness (real cases) and a professional and personal development path (qualitative leap).
Concrete learning opportunities (interviews with coworkers or actual interlocutors, shadow coaching during real meetings, planning of and support during field testing): like in any other intense training, the goal is the improvement of the performance combined with the simultaneous growth of the individual.

Main goals

  • Trigger and consolidate a personal and professional qualitative leap in the coachee.

  • Acquire a generative approach by enhancing authenticity and integrating organizational requests.

  • Acquire and consolidate a self-development orientation towards a constant improvement.

  • Try the instruments of self-development and feedback in order to support the development in one’s staff members.


Implementation of the self-empowerment model. Activation of personal and professional resources. Extensive investigation of models favoring a qualitative leap: assertive communication, management instruments, emotional intelligence skills.

Provision of effective feedback. Planning and implementation of concrete experimentations aimed at overcoming personal “killer” limitations. Potential integrations with empowerment-centered potential evaluation processes.

Individual or group interviews with coworkers. Participation in real meetings.

6 to 10 sessions within 6/12 months; further phases could be implemented toachieve specific goals.

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