torreluna people development

Torreluna carries out People Development activities aimed at sustainability and organisational evolution.

The development of people and teams’ potential is achievable through multiple activities. These allow for the creation of synergy in the system, the creation of the best cultural and organisational conditions, while at the same time activating possible and desirable changes. People Development takes care of all of this.

People Development: meaning and applications

What is People Development

People Development, or the Development of People Potential, is the discipline that aims to enhance the ability of a person and team to make best use of their resources and their evolution (mental, emotional and energetic). It enables them to respond effectively and responsibly to the demands of the circumstances in order to protect or change the present and generate a sustainable and desirable future.
This is an ambitious goal. For this reason, the path to reach it is not simple and the explanation of the principles and dynamics that characterise it, is not. It is an exciting journey, which requires vitality and patience.

People Development: development of human resources

Those involved in Development use multiple methodologies and tools and a “tailor-made” relational approach in order to help each person, above all to become aware of themselves and of their own functioning mechanisms, with the aim of giving them back the power to govern them.

These mechanisms refer to the way in which a person, or a group of people, perceive, think and choose what to pay attention to, filter and process experiences, attributing meaning and value, and drawing conclusions (in the form of principles and rules) that feed the behaviours.

If it is important for me that everything is done correctly and I consider it unacceptable to make mistakes, it is possible that I perceive my work as a minefield, and, that I interpret the lack of information and resources as an insurmountable obstacle to action. The result, in the current context, could be a serious delay in intervening or even stalling.

Each behaviour generates other experiences which, once processed, can strengthen, broaden or distort the original principles and models.

Let’s say, despite my beliefs, I decide to take the risk of taking action. If I am successful, this will set a precedent that will impact my future decisions. If I fail, I will be able to strengthen my belief in perfectionism and prudence or consider failure as a valuable source of information. The way in which I will read the failure will influence my behaviours going forward.

This type of dynamic opens two ways of accessing change, which work in synergy with each other. Through the “reasoned” modification of the way I read and interpret reality and through the experience of new behaviours.

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Activate the potential of human resources

The way a person perceives and thinks, influences and, is influenced by, the way a person “feels”. The awareness that development deals with this, therefore, also concerns emotions, which, when experienced and “consolidated” over time, become feelings.

The processing of the experience includes not only the way in which a person focuses on what he/she needs, but also on what he/she desires, what he/she considers right, wrong, or important and also the values ​​and criteria used to decide and act.

It is intuitive how much this affects the way a person “is in the world”.

Development therefore works to engrave the roots of being in the world of people and groups of people. It acts on their “being whole”, with the aim of increasing their chances of living fully.

Living fully means “knowing how to self-regulate” from time to time in an autonomous and dynamic way. Critically considering one’s own needs, the needs of the situation, the expectations of others, resources, constraints and risks. Listening to their own desire to feel good and happy while also accepting the discomfort of the possible consequences of their choices.

Discomfort is often just the other side of the coin of the privilege of living and the benefits obtained or expected as a result of a decision.

As such, it becomes all the more sustainable the more we remain aligned and consistent with the rules that we choose to give ourselves from time to time. In addition, the more it is experienced all the more useful it becomes as a means of learning and expanding the resources available to us.

Human Resources Development: use in the company

Why invest in people development?

Working on the whole person, and on the whole team, means considering all their facets as parts of an integrated system that interact and generate behaviours.

Awareness of our mechanisms is not enough to drive them: an expert on the subject could explain all the attraction techniques to me, but only by training and experimenting will I be truly able to attract.

This is why Development insists on the need to train, experiment, brief and debrief, give, ask for and receive feedback.

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People Development: what results and benefits

Where individuals do not have enough resources, they can interact and coordinate in more or less large groups to pool and enhance what they have, thereby maximising the “power” of the whole and minimising the vulnerability of the parties.

This not only happens in companies (teams, departments, etc.) but also in families and in any type of organisation.

Many of us have experienced the proper functioning of a team or an organisational structure as a delicate chemistry rather than a spontaneous reaction: putting together a group of people with different skills may not be enough.

In order that the group functions as a well-integrated whole, it is also necessary to work on balancing attitudes, orientations, attitudes, networks and the dynamics that the interaction of all these elements generates.

Adjusting the balance of the different elements in the field and the dynamics within a group, is a further field of action for Development.

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People Development: what goals?

To conclude, by breaking down the macro objective from which we started, (making the best use of our resources and letting them evolve in individuals and teams), People Development works to bring out the ability to:

  • be present, that is actively in touch with oneself, with others and with the situation in the here and now, expressed in behaviour by readiness to grasp, decide and act in a productive and responsible way.

  • imagine and focus on alternative scenarios (short, medium and long term) and as many choice options.
    This ability plays a part in the definition of several strategies and operational plans with which to respond to the challenges of the present and prepare for the future ones, considering not only what is likely to happen but also the different variables involved (plausible, possible and desirable)

  • decide with audacity and courage, knowing that you are taking risks, taking into account vulnerability and limitations, feeling fear but remaining confident and hopeful of the possibility of succeeding.
    A good decision implies not only cognitive skills but also the willingness to get your hands dirty, get involved as a protagonist, be uncomfortable.
    Development trains to manage this discomfort.

  • act in a conscious, proactive, realistic and responsible manner in the environment
  • to feed and manage their energy supplies in the best possible way so as to invest them in what can be influenced, on finding what is missing in the evolution

  • interact with others in a balanced way, integrating and enhancing diversity and contradictions to counteract automatisms and generate more valid ideas and solutions

  • be realistically confident in oneself, in others and in the future to maintain the openness and vigilance necessary to seize opportunities