Being able to transform oneself is the key to success on the market. Organizational change happens when the change of people and teams is supported and fostered by consistent, robust and courageous processes and methods.

eChange is an architecture of “hard” HR instruments integrated into the self-empowerment approach.


eChange is a set of instruments designed to support organizations in taking a qualitative leap; specifically, it is aimed to align managerial and HR processes to the development of potential triggered by the implementation of empowerment-oriented interventions. The final goal is that of triggering, re-launching or consolidating a total organizational transformation.


In light of our long experience in business, we reread and reinterpreted the instruments traditionally employed in the fields of organizational management and development, climate investigation, and performance evaluation through the self-empowerment lens. In this perspective, we developed innovative, pro-vocative and engagement-oriented (promoting activation and individual protagonism) instruments.

Dedicated applications

Survey and climate analysis instruments effective in terms of generating outputs and defining efficacious action plans.

Support in the definition of solid HR instruments conceived as true aids to boost personal and organizational effectiveness.

Planning of ad-hoc assessment and self-evaluation instruments (360°) triggering or consolidating qualitative leaps in managers and supporting their coaching processes.

Dedicated projects



It aims to evaluate organizational climate with particular focus on empowerment, engagement, motivation, and protagonism: an instrument to foster an organizational qualitative leap.

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