This past year has been very important for us: we’ve accomplished some demanding, in part trying, and yet memorable and innovative, projects. We carried out these projects together with some special colleagues in the attempt of being useful and leaving a generative trace in both the people and the companies we worked with.

This video struck me and I’d like to use it for our wishes. The video shows a family who  gathers for Christmas thanks to an expedient (maybe a little unfair but certainly effective) of an old man, a father and grandfather.

Looking at this video, we identify with the man’s children and think that they are less than attentive towards him and the family. We tell ourselves we don’t want to be like this and that we will stand by our loved ones because we know they won’t live forever. In a way, we can say that this video redeems abandoned, forgotten and neglected people.

However, I suggest you to consider another another point of view too, that of the grandfather. The grandfather desires something, he wants a family gathering, a Christmas all together and maybe he also wants to give his children an important message. And what does he do? He simply decides to act, he finds a way to realize his desire. He doesn’t pity himself, he doesn’t surrender to victimism. He envisions a road and walks it. This video is a praise to proactivity and “not giving up”, it doesn’t celebrate that do-gooder attitude imbued with guilt that often pollutes Christmas time.

Then, the grandfather does something else: he sets a cozy table and enjoys time with his family. He wants a Christmas all together, one every year and he knows he won’t be able to fake his death a second time. So, when the whole family is reunited, he does his best to feel good and make others feel good. He doesn’t surrender to victimism, not even in this case.

Lastly, this grandfather teaches us a third thing: what we generate does not belong to us. We plant a seed, provide energies but then we need to let go and learn to appreciate the beautiful things rather than just seeing flaws in others.He grew up successful children, probably he devoted a lot of effort to make them study and help them succeed in their careers…now he can’t do anything but letting them free to be themselves and accept that this might also be painful for him.

You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth. Kahlil Gibran

Here are our wishes for you:

  • earn to really feel what you want, what you desire and find creative and effective ways to gain it. Use your energy and spirit of initiative, but be trustful and open too

  • learn to ask for what you need, accepting the answers you get; don’t demand and learn to stimulate people around you

  • accept that reality has to run its course, embrace what you get and learn to appreciate the beauty in what you generated, letting it free to just be.