About Us

Torreluna was born in 2003 thanks to the efforts of a group of friends sharing the common desire of developing a “new way of delivering training’. While we had a clear vision of our goal, the path to achieve it was still uncertain.
Over the years, we have tried different things out, we have grown wiser, made wonderful encounters and even got hurt, as it is predictable when you play it by ear.
As single individuals, we reinvented ourselves several times and Torreluna has changed together with us. We allowed ourselves to be contaminated, we have been lost and found, without ever losing our trust in the present. We are thankful to all the people we met and who made us who we are today.

  • We are at constant search for innovation, we are passionate and curious.
  • The training room is our “boxing ring”: to us, it is both a comfortable and uncomfortable place.
  • We value freedom and the possibility to choose for oneself.
  • We look at people and organizations with fresh, new eyes, we acknowledge and favor change and evolution.
  • We help companies and managers ride the waves, that is, take advantage of the opportunities and challenges they are offered. Moreover, we support them in the efforts of connecting their everyday job to their personal and professional development.
  • We are water diviners: we discover treasure troves of vitality and make them available.


Our guiding light, our mission is that of contributing to the personal and professional growth of the people and organizations we get in contact with by empowering and strengthening their…

BALANCE. The ability of making choices, welcoming and giving value to the present moment.

AUTHENTICITY. The ability to take advantage and make the best out of individuals’ and groups’ talents.

VITALITY. The rediscovery and breaking through of talents and energies that were already present but temporarily unavailable.

EXPERIMENTATION. Being oriented towards making change happen and being open to new possibilities.


The core values leading our work and personal lives are…

USEFULNESS. We aim to give all the members of your company an added value.

LISTENING. We are open to listen to your needs and desires.

DARING. We provide you with clear and affective intervention strategies.


We are a team of professionals, each with its own unique and specific experience, united by a common look.

We believe that the present needs solid and characterized individuals, but with a strong attitude to sociality, as a vehicle that activates possibilities for continuous contamination and synergy of ideas, perspectives and looks.

We are convinced that the human being is an inexhaustible source of possibilities, that teams can stimulate the excellence of each member and that the union of these potentials can be the key to the development of the organization as a whole.

In 2017 we decided to invest in the brand awareness of our organization, developing at the same time visibility and positioning on themes and practices of Empowerment. To do this, we started an external partnership with Paola Cinti, a Digital Strategist expert in new web syntax and semantics, with consolidated experience in training and organizational consulting.

Federico Vagni
Federico Vagni
I am Federico, 45 years old, and as a shy person I was lucky enough to choose a job that was uncomfortable for me: I discovered the value of discomfort, but at the same time I know that an outstretched hand is precious. My courage comes from trusting others: I have learned to challenge them, to create, to innovate and diverge. In my journey I study, experiment and change as often as I can.


William Cazzaniga
William Cazzaniga
I am William, 47 year’s old, many of which I have been spent, wondering what I would have done when I grew up, to arrive at a conclusion that has made my wait special: I have discovered that I like supporting people on the same search. I do it in an open and flexible way, with lightness and a touch of irony, and above all, with empathy because everyone, at times, stumbles.


Ornella Serrantini
Ornella Serrantini
After many years in companies, both in Italy and abroad, of which more than 15 years with managerial roles in the field of human resources, I am now a consultant, trainer and coach. The company has been for me, for many years, the exercise, the solid anchor that has allowed me today to be a consultant with a pragmatic and concrete but also enabling potentiality.


Sara Doneddu
Sara Doneddu
I worked in a company for 23 years, in roles of increasing responsibility that were taking me in a different direction from the one I wanted. I restarted, studied hard, took risks and I made it! For 10 years I have been a consultant, trainer and coach. I am passionate about supporting people on their growing paths. It helps me, to have been in many of the “places” of their discomforts and abilities yet to be expressed.