Training is in crisis…what luck! It is only through crisis that training can and should be born again under new presuppositions and new paradigms. At present, many colleagues are trying to implement new approaches to training. Customers are changing, markets are changing, channels are changing as companies are changing too.

eTraining programs offer an innovative approach to training, capable of facilitating such changes.


eTraining is a hub of ideas, provocations, instruments and actions supporting a new approach to training. It provides colleagues working in the HR field, trainers or internal training programs managers with concrete intervention strategies. We aim to implement self-responsible learning strategies and generative training programs, aimed at fostering the development of one’s true talents.


We provide workshops, social and classroom training, consultations and individual sessions. Learners will be offered the instruments and develop the skills needed to design and manage powerful, generative and effective interventions by acquiring a possibilitating and daring way of looking. Such empowerment process occurs along three equally important levels: the content, process and meaning of the intervention.

Implementation contexts

Medium to long term training programs (internal master programs, management programs and structured learning courses) aimed at enabling each participant to develop a unique path of self growth and understanding.
By supporting existing training interventions and working groups, this program aims to increase people’s critical thinking, daring, openness and effectiveness.
Aimed at providing fellow trainers – either professional or not – with concrete instruments for the development of a new, empowerment-oriented, work practice.

Dedicated projects

Process Coaching

Empowering HR staff members and enhancing their roles means providing new grounds for dialogue, innovation and generativity: process coaching makes it concretely possible.

Trainer empowerment

Trainer Empowerment is a program that allows people to rediscover and empower themselves, their professional skills and passion and to sharpen their toolboxes trainers.

Self Up Incubator

Self Up Incubator is a process that promotes responsibility towards self-development while stimulating the search for new possibilities.

Feature articles from the blog

Feedback for learning: transformation as a generative key

March 17th, 2016|0 Comments

In order to talk about how to use feedback for learning we need not to view feedback as sources of conflict but rather opportunities for transformation.

Leadership and the power of desire

September 11th, 2014|0 Comments

The ability to desire typically characterizes entrepreneurs and leaders and it’s the engine of leadership. Desiring means feeling empowered to do something.

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