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Developing people’s potential is key to all companies who wish to be successful. We believe that the crucial value doesn’t lie in acquiring competences or skills but rather in the desire of each person to improve, learn, challenge themselves and be responsible for their own work.

The program ePeople was born to help people accomplish such desire.


The ingredients are: a measure of awareness obtained by being open-minded and stepping beyond the boundaries of traditional beliefs and customs; a quantity of self-challenge aimed at discovering and testing the unknown; (and) a dose of courage to dare move in the direction of new possibilities in thought and action.


The program is based on the self-empowerment application model and is composed of individual, social and workshop modules. We use an individualized approach and  interventions are tailored according to the results of each individual participant. We aim to achieve a quality leap and trigger to desire to improve further.

Implementation contexts

Aimed at individual empowerment and development of authentic leadership roles, based on individual self-leadership.
Designed for managers who want to acquire innovative and powerful instruments to enhance themselves, their staff members, their projects and business strategies.
In order to support and enhance the desire of growth and self-development within a culture that fosters motivation and new possibilities.

Dedicated projects

Emotional Intelligence 2.0

Organizations are more and more in need of powerful, trustful, well balanced people: such results are only possible if people’s and teams’ emotional intelligence is enhanced.

Empowerment Center

Potential analysis processes are valuable growth opportunities. Each potential analysis process should be preceded and followed by an evaluation phase.


Powership is a training program that leverages generativity; it aims at empowering individuals while helping them develop strong alliances with company representatives.

Energy and Desire

Energy and Desire: a course that empowers each individual’s “motor”, increasing their potentials as well as their capability of accepting reality and facts around them.

Feature articles from the blog

The obsession (and alibi) with having to be a superhero

April 11th, 2017|0 Comments

We are all immersed in a culture that, idealizing superheroes, provides us with ideal models. Sometimes you just comply, other times you react instead.

You cannot not choose

July 11th, 2016|0 Comments

There are times in our personal and professional lives when we are aware we are making a choice. These are usually new situations, in which we have to take risks and we get ahead of ourselves. In these cases, we are not necessarily successful but we often feel satisfied because we feel we have taken on a challenge.

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