The obsession (and alibi) with having to be a superhero

We are all immersed in a culture that, idealizing superheroes, provides us with ideal models. Sometimes you just comply, other times you react instead.

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You cannot not choose

There are times in our personal and professional lives when we are aware we are making a choice. These are usually new situations, in which we have to take risks and we get ahead of ourselves. In these cases, we are not necessarily successful but we often feel satisfied because we feel we have taken on a challenge.

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Inside Out, at the roots of empathy

Inside Out delivers a clear message: always wanting to be happy limits us. The last movie by Pixar deals with empathy and emotional intelligence.

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Realize your worst nightmare

People always talk about realizing their dreams, what if we learned to realize our nightmares too? Or, at least, to associate with them with greater ease?

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To experience is to grow: from Santa Claus to YouTube

To experience is to grow: a key instrument in the self-empowerment approach for the development of potential.

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Authentic leadership with the strength of transparency

How can people develop their authentic leadership? By being in contact with themselves, with their own rescuers, difficulties and inner contradictions.

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Self Empowerment: exploring oneself

Self Empowerment is the discovery of a “new taste”, of something that we sense or somehow hope for but didn’t have the courage or trust to fully experiment.

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